Does a 2.2ghz p4 socket 478 cpu need a fan on top of its heat sink?

Answer On One Hand: The Boxed Processor Comes With a FanA heat sink and fan comes with Intel Boxed Processor products, indicating that the manufacturer believes that they are a necessary part of the cooli... Read More »

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Do i need a better heatsink for this CPU?

If you're going to be doing some gaming or other CPU intensive tasks, get the upgraded fan/heatsinks. It will help the CPU run cooler and last longer while you're doing those high-performance tasks... Read More »

Is it safe for me to plug a 4 socket surge protecter into a 2 socket stabilizer?

well seeing your not a blonde it should be safe !

The electrical plug socket has stopped working in the utility room . I've replaced the socket but ....?

Any chance it's on a separate fuse from the others? Check (carefully!) that power is getting to the wiring at the back of the socket

Is a Pentium 4 Willamette Socket 478 compatible with a Prescott Socket 478?

The Pentium 4 Willamette was designed for use in Socket 423 (also called Socket W) motherboards; however, it is compatible with Prescott Socket 478 architecture. The Socket 478 standard was based o... Read More »