Does a 17 year old need car insurance in NJ?

Answer Young Driver and InsuranceYes, all drivers are required to carry financial responsibility. There is no exception of law because you are a teenager. You can obtain your own insurance or you or you m... Read More »

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Does a 15 and a half year old with a learners permit need his own insurance policy or is he covered under the parents policy?

Answer He is covered under his parents' policy until he gets his own car and license.

Does your car insurance cover a small utility trailer towed behind the car in New Hampshire or do you need special insurance?

Answer Check your homeowners policy and your vehicle policy, it varies from state to state, and circumstance to circumstance. ie; trailer is parked in your yard and a tree falls on it, or you are ... Read More »

Do you need car insurance for a sixteen year old with a permit in the state of Florida?

Answer You do not need additional insurace for a Floridian with just a learner's permit. Of course the minute they get a licence - you will need to inform your insurance company. Your insurance may... Read More »

During the year your wife had insurance and later in the year you got insurance as well who would be primary?

Till such time that you got your own insurance, your wife's policy will cover you as her dependant. But now that you have your own policy, yours will be the primary.