Does a 15 year old with a learners permit have to be added to your insurance?

Answer Absolutely, and before they start driving.

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Can a 15 yr old grandchild with a learners permit who does not live with you drive your car if you are with him without being added to your insurance?

Answer A minor with a learner's permit can only drive with an adult in the vehicle. It can be any adult with a valid driver's license. The minor does not need to be added on to the policy until th... Read More »

Can you be added to your boyfriends insurance with a permit and will you have to put your car in his name?

Answer call an insurance agency a(well known one in your state) i would call state farms insurancein california, you might be added to an insurance with a permit to drive. you do not have to put y... Read More »

Does insurance cover an accident if the driver has a learners permit when there is not a 21-year-old person with a valid drivers license in the car?

Answer Most likely yes. I know of cases that a completely unlicensed driver causing an accident and the insurance still applied. Most insurance policies don't have a requirement that a person be ... Read More »

If your 21 year old daughter will be staying with you and driving your car for two weeks does she have to be added to your insurance policy?

Answer Contact your agent, but probably yes, as a temporary driver.