Does a 1080p tv make a good computer monitor?

Answer On One Hand: Large Monitors and Small TVs Have Similar SizesMonitor companies are making computer monitors larger to the point where they are encroaching into sizes that were previously reserved fo... Read More »

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Is 1080p on a computer monitor better than 1080p on a pc?

Your comparing the same thing! LOL i think your asking which screen is better for PC! TV or PC Monitor hooked up with HDMI or DVI ! TV can hook up to TV cable so you can watch shows while doing som... Read More »

Is it a good idea to use a 32" 1080p TV as a monitor?

I would stick with the 1080p on one screen instead of having 720p on two. You can always upgrade your PC drive to a Blu-Ray player and wow!!!

Will a big screen LCD TV make a good computer monitor?

im not sure how its done, some type od extra card but it can be doneused to see it before the power point projectors came outthey used a standard tube tv mounted to a walljust dont leave the comput... Read More »

I bought an lcd monitor to replace my old monitor. Will it make my computer slower?

nope, wont make it faster either. its not related. i just got my first LCD too , pretty stuff