Does Youtube work for you'll?

Answer Doesn't work for me too.

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How does youtube view count work?

Actually, that answer is very accurate for the most part.They post tons of videos every day.They have about one million subsribers and 10000 videos. A lot of their videos reach extremely high view ... Read More »

YouTube view counts, how does it work?

No. Views from the user who created the video are not counted. Views from the same person re-opening the video rapidly are also not counted. Cheers.

Why does youtube decide NOT to work at the WORST time possible?

DLO fought SantinoHe pretty much jobbed to DLOD'LO looks alot differnt but came out to his old music. I doubt that anyone put it up yet, but I'd say tomorrow it will be up.EDIT: BT, D'Lo is no wher... Read More »

Why does Iphone come with a youtube application if it doesn't work on it?

about $30 a month, but it depends on the phone, the company, etc...