Does X mean hug or kiss?

Answer Signing a letter with X's and O's means "hugs and kisses." X represents kisses in XOXO, and O represents hugs. If you want to send big kisses and hugs, use capital X's and capital O's. For pecks an... Read More »

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What does"may angels kiss your pillow"mean?

For centuries, angels have been regarded as messengers between God and man. They are also thought to be our guardians and protectors. If someone says "May angels kiss your pillow," they are wishing... Read More »

How to Kiss up to a Mean Teacher?

Do you have a teacher that you want to kiss up to? Or impress? Of Course, who doesn't want to kiss up to a mean teacher to get him/her to be nicer!!!! The way to turn your teacher's frown up side d... Read More »

If you could kiss any celeberty who would you kiss?

Gene Hackman...because no one else would want to kiss him LOL!

Do Sam and Freddie kiss in I kiss episode?