Does Wrapping Your Hair Make it Grow?

Answer Hair wraps are fun, decorative and exotic. They can add flair to your look, or show that you had a great time on your beach vacation. As funky and popular as they are, there's one thing wraps can't... Read More »

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Wrapping Your Hair to Make it Straight?

Many women will wrap their hair at night to keep their hair looking silky smooth and straight all day long. Even with chemically straightened hair, sleeping can cause creases, kinks and curls. When... Read More »

Why Does Biotin Make Your Hair Grow?

A triangle is a closed two-dimensional shape with three sides and three angles. There are a wide variety of triangles, including acute ones, with all the angles less than 90 degrees; obtuse triangl... Read More »

Does physical sweat make your hair grow faster Like your armpits?

There are some good herbal oil such as argan oil and hair care products on the market that will make your hair grow faster. I am a hairstylist (for 9 years) and it is possible to make your hair gr... Read More »

Does fish oil make your hair grow faster?

Fish oils may make your hair healthier due to the omega 3 fatty acids, but it will fail to make your hair grow faster.Some cases of androgenic alopecia may involve inflammation of the hair follicle... Read More »