Does Winamp allow you to put songs onto an iPod?

Answer In version 5.5, Winamp allows the transfer of MP3 files from its music library to an iPod. Winamp is capable of detecting an iPod once it is connected to the computer. However, iPods are designed t... Read More »

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How can you put songs from one itunes onto another itunes on a different computer without copying your songs onto blank discs or an ipod?

Answer Here are the steps if you have iTunes on the "different computer:" Connect your iPod to the computer A window will come up saying that there are songs on your iPod that are not on the comput... Read More »

How to Put Songs From an Old iPod Onto a New iPod?

Apple releases new iPod models on a frequent basis, so you may find yourself purchasing a new iPod when you still have another digital music player that is fully functional. In order to make a seam... Read More »

How do you upload songs onto an ipod?

may be u should convert the songs first.

How to Use an iPod to Put Songs Onto the New iTunes?

In the event of computer issues such as a hard drive crash or software conflict, the purchased music on your iPod can be transferred back to your iTunes program once you've uninstalled and reinstal... Read More »