Does Wikipedia take/make their own images?

Answer Do they make their own images? Sure they do! I've seen more than one instance where they've had a staff member draw something in order to illustrate a point. They usually do it to avoid copyright i... Read More »

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Does anyone know how to change the images on wikipedia entries?

The best and quickest way to do this is to upload the image to Wikimedia Commons, the common media repository for all Wikimedia projects. You just need to create an account ( Read More »

Can I use the images in Wikipedia freely?

No, it means you can use them if you conform to the restrictions laid out by the license.

How can I upload images to Wikipedia?

yes u will need an account to upload image to wikipediaOpen an Account in WikipediaStep 1Go to the main page of Wikipedia, listed in Resources below. You can also key in Wikipedia in search engines... Read More »

Images on Wikipedia aren't Showing Up!!?

I've never had any problem with Firefox displaying Wikipedia images, but try clicking, at the top of the page on the Firefox tab, then on preferences, then on content, then select load images autom... Read More »