Does Wikipedia owe Al Green an apology?

Answer Yes, if for no other reason than to give him the opportunity to say that no apology is necessary. There are far more offensive things that people have been able to get into Wikipedia without being ... Read More »

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What does the green points or red points mean on Wikipedia?

They represent the net number bytes of text added (green) or removed (red) in that edit. I say "bytes" rather than "characters" because some special characters are represented by more than one byte... Read More »

What are the green +(number) things on the contribution part of wikipedia?

It's the net change in bytes between your revision and the one before. That number is green because your revision caused a net increase in the size of the page; it would have been red if you'd caus... Read More »

Why does a dump of the Wikipedia database have more pages than Wikipedia itself has?

Certain classes of pages, even when in the main "article" namespace, don't count as "articles" for the purpose of statistics. Most notably, redirects! You're probably seeing those, among a few othe... Read More »

Why does my cameras screen green, and why do the pics have a green tint everytime i take a picture?

Green is usually caused when you shoot under fluorescent lighting with the white balance set to bright sun.The question is this.Does the green image show up on both the cameras LCD and your compute... Read More »