Does Wikipedia look UGLY today on your computer?

Answer Since you haven't described *how* the site looks ugly to you, and no one else has the same problem, I'll make a guess at what it looks like and a method that should fix it.I bet that you see black-... Read More »

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Does Wikipedia look different today on your computer?

If peole say your ugly and some say your not ugly what does it mean that you are?

Why do Wikipedia article titles look weird on my computer?

Are you using the StumbleUpon toolbar? If so, go to Tools>Toolbar Options>Search & Tagging and untick the four boxes in the "Web Search" section. Click OK and go back onto any Wikipedia article a... Read More »

How to Make Your Ugly Painted Concrete Porch Look Good?

When fresh, painted concrete looks clean and appealing. However, wear and tear, foot traffic, and weather can combine to make a painted concrete porch look unattractive. Concrete attracts water, wh... Read More »