Does Wikipedia give false information?

Answer I would think most American’s would think the following line to be accurate:1. “George Washington was the first President.”If you saw that in wikipedia, it would seem to be a valid statement... Read More »

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Can Wikipedia website give any false information too?

I think the editing is not permitted just like that. Proper source for the alteration, addition etc sought to be made is needed to be provided. As someone said the edited info goes through the mode... Read More »

How does wikipedia find false information made by others?

Simple. They look at what's been added and if the article owner/s disagree with it he/she/they say that it's false, revert it, banninate your username/IP and run you off Wikipedia like a beaten cur.

How does Wikipedia stop false information from being posted?

We Wikipedians frequently "patrol" pages and give them a once-over - and if we see something that is obviously vandalism or false (e.g. Gerald Ford being alive) we will revert these edits by changi... Read More »

Can you sue Wikipedia for false information?

If you "threaten" to sue Wikipedia on Wikipedia itself, the first thing that will happen is that you'll be banned from Wikipedia under their ever-so-handy "No Legal Threats policy." If you then sen... Read More »