Does Wi-Fi work on the old Nintendo DS?

Answer Yes, you can access a Wi-Fi network with the original Nintendo DS. You can use its Wi-Fi capabilities to communicate with other DS users via Pictochat, play games online or download new game demos ... Read More »

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Will Nintendo DS Bluetooth work with Nintendo DS Lite?

The Nintendo DS Lite, equipped with a local wireless network, allows users to play against and with other users in their immediate vicinity. In addition, if the user has access to wireless broadban... Read More »

Will regular Nintendo games work in a Nintendo DS?

Nintendo's popular hand-held gaming console, the DS, has the ability to play Game Boy Advance games along with the DS games. Unfortunately, the DS cannot run regular Nintendo, also known as NES, ga... Read More »

Will Nintendo Wi-Fi work with the Nintendo Wii?

The Nintendo Wii allows users to access Nintendo's Wi-Fi Internet via a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector, Wii LAN Adapter, or any standard wireless router by connecting to their existing broadband Inte... Read More »

Does the Nintendo Wii UK version work in the U.S.?

A Nintendo Wii console from the UK will work in the US. You will likely need a power outlet adapter to use American power outlets. The UK Wii will only play games sold in Europe. UK Wii consoles d... Read More »