Does White Hair Come From Stress?

Answer There are people who have premature gray or white-hair. Is the change in their hair color related to the stress of a major illness or emotional matter? It's possible that genetics may be the cause... Read More »

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Does stress causes white hair.......................?

stress is the worst enemy of your body.. not only it can cause white hair but also pimples, dull skin, unhealthy and dull hair, etc. etc.. one should avoid takin stress to the highest limit..

White hair due to stress permanent?

Google: Grey hair could be a sign of good healthDated: 2012-07-22Cosmetics.In 1950, 7 percent of women dyed their hair, she said. Today, it’s closer to 95 percent or more, depending on geographic... Read More »

What country does white bread come from?

White bread is made from wheat flour whose bran and germ have been removed. No one is certain who made the first white flour, but ancient Greece and Rome are likely contenders. Writers from as earl... Read More »

The pregnant question monitoring stress turned my hair white. How am I supposed to turn it back to brown?