Does Wheat Straw Make Good Mulch?

Answer There are many types of mulch that serve different purposes, some of which work better with some plants than others. Wheat straw mulch is an excellent mulch for vegetable crops, though any straw m... Read More »

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What is the difference between straw and hay as mulch?

Answer They both perform the same function. Straw will be cleaner and have fewer seeds in general and fewer weed seeds in particular.

Can you use roofing felt under pine straw as a mulch?

Biodegradable pine straw (dead needles) mulch can have roofing felt--sometimes called tar paper--underneath it as non-biodegradable mulch. Roofing felt makes for great weed control, but can keep wa... Read More »

Can you use pine straw for tomato plant mulch?

Pine straw is commonly used as mulch for tomato plants. Mulch reduces weed growth and conserves soil moisture. Pine straw mulch protects the tomato plants' roots from sun scorch when they grow too ... Read More »

How do I add wheat straw to garden soil?

Clear GroundRemove any rocks or other debris from the garden. Weed the garden thoroughly with a small shovel. Using a garden tiller, loosen the soil at a depth of 12 inches. Rake the soil so it is ... Read More »