Does Wearing an Undershirt Keep Me Cooler?

Answer On One Hand: You Should Wear an Undershirt All the TimeAccording to Karemar, undershirts will absorb your body's perspiration and in the process of evaporation cool you. HisRoom recommends undershi... Read More »

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Does running a ceiling fan in reverse keep a room cooler?

A ceiling fan in the forward position (feeling the breeze it emits) will cool the room as it circulates air. A ceiling fan in the reverse position (not feeling a breeze) will push the warm air from... Read More »

Does a Clay Tile Roof Keep a House Cooler or Hotter?

Clay tile is a historic roof material made from kiln-baked molded clay, usually earthenware. This material is normally unglazed, but may be glazed or coated with other materials to produce a colorf... Read More »

How to Keep a Car Cooler?

Although summer is known as the driving season, you car can act as an oven during periods of heat. Because of this it is absolutely necessary to keep your car cool during extreme temperatures. By d... Read More »

How to Keep a CPU Cooler?

The CPU, essentially the heart of a computer, is responsible for the performance of programs and the operating system as a whole. Included with every CPU is a CPU fan that keeps the CPU cool while ... Read More »