Does Waxing Your Eyebrows Hurt More Then Threading?

Answer It depends, I do both - threading is a longer process so it may hurt more. Waxing is quick and stings for only a second.

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How bad does waxing your eyebrows hurt?

It might hurt the first time you get it done but after a while u get used to it. And to me, plucking hurts much more than waxing!

Eyebrow Waxing Or Threading?

I have to wax my eyebrows about every 3 weeks ever since I was 11 and I have super thick eyebrows. I got maybe 4 weeks out of threading. Threading claims to be painless, but I thought it was just a... Read More »

For eyebrow threading/waxing why do some places charge more for theirs?

I think its the type of string and technique.

Steps in Threading Eyebrows?

Thread your eyebrows to create sharp, neatly groomed brows. Cotton thread is used to eliminate unwanted hair around the eyebrow, the glabella (the area between the brows) and on the body. The threa... Read More »