Does Vonage work with satellite Internet?

Answer Vonage, an Internet phone service, will work with a satellite Internet connection that has a data transfer speed of 90 kilobits per second (Kbps). This speed is recommended for optimum sound qualit... Read More »

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Does Vonage need wireless Internet to work?

Vonage does not require the availability of wireless Internet and, in fact, will only work with a wired Internet connection. The system requires wired access to the broadband Internet connection in... Read More »

Does ps3 work with satellite internet?

It's perfectly possible to use satellite Internet to connect to the PlayStation 3 network. Depending on your provider, however, the latency---how long it takes for data to travel from place to plac... Read More »

Will satellite Internet work off of Dish TV?

Dish TV is private network that delivers satellite TV programming to subscribers receivers via satellite. Satellite Internet service providers use their own satellite networks and receivers to tran... Read More »

How does Internet access via satellite work?

Satellite-based Internet service provides much the same experience for the user as terrestrial Internet connections, despite the use of a satellite to send and receive the data.Network Operations C... Read More »