Does Vonage work with satellite Internet?

Answer Vonage, an Internet phone service, will work with a satellite Internet connection that has a data transfer speed of 90 kilobits per second (Kbps). This speed is recommended for optimum sound qualit... Read More »

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Does ps3 work with satellite internet?

It's perfectly possible to use satellite Internet to connect to the PlayStation 3 network. Depending on your provider, however, the latency---how long it takes for data to travel from place to plac... Read More »

Does satellite Internet work with Xbox Live?

You cannot play Xbox Live with satellite Internet, as it is not one of the supported types of Internet service. You need cable or DSL Internet to play. Dial-up is also not supported.Source:Internet... Read More »

Does Vonage need wireless Internet to work?

Vonage does not require the availability of wireless Internet and, in fact, will only work with a wired Internet connection. The system requires wired access to the broadband Internet connection in... Read More »

Does Vonage work with ADT?

According to the Vonage website, Vonage currently doesn't work with home alarm systems. There are some Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services that do work with ADT. Contact ADT to find out if... Read More »