Does VoIP work with wireless Internet?

Answer Voice over Internet protocol is a technology that enables you to transmit audio on a computer and is compatible with wireless Internet. The connection must be fast enough to support a voice calling... Read More »

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Does wireless Internet work outside?

As long as you're within range of your wireless router's signal, you can use wireless Internet. The range of a signal depends on the router, the device connecting to the router and any obstructions... Read More »

Does a 64k modem work with wireless Internet?

A 64k modem is intended for a dial-up connection and will not work with a wireless Internet router. Wireless Internet requires a DSL or broadband connection to work properly. For best results, look... Read More »

Does magicJack work with wireless Internet?

MagicJack is compatible with wireless networks for both Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Intel-based Mac systems. However, users are still required to have a phone line for plugging in the ... Read More »

How do wireless internet headphones work?