Does Vista use NTLDR?

Answer NTLDR was replaced in Microsoft Windows Vista. The operating system uses the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) files and the firmware independent boot configuration. This collection of files does not i... Read More »

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Where is ntldr in xp?

NTLDR stands for "New Technology Loader." NTLDR contains the main boot loader for Windows XP. It is a hidden file located on the root of the C: partition or the system drive.References:Top Bits: NTLDR

What does NTLDR compressed mean?

"NTLDR is compressed" is an error message that sometimes appears after compressing the hard drive on a computer running the Windows XP operating system. This error can be fixed by inserting the Rec... Read More »

How to Copy NTLDR?

The NTLDR---stands for NT Loader---files are two files that boot the operating system when you start up your computer. The most common reason for needing to copy NTLDR files over to your computer a... Read More »

What is in the ntldr file?

"NTLDR" is an abbreviation for "NT Loader." When you start up a computer using Microsoft Windows NT, 2000 or XP, this file helps load the operating system and displays the startup menu.References:C... Read More »