Does Vichy exfoliating cream work?

Answer On One Hand: This Product Exfoliates and Smooths SkinLike all exfoliating facial scrubs and creams, Vichy Laboratories Detoxifying and Exfoliating Cream is packed with tiny granules for sloughing o... Read More »

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Where to Buy Vichy Cellulite Cream?

Vichy cellulite creams are a new line of anti-cellulite treatments designed to break up fat pockets and eliminate cellulite build-up. After one month of use, predicted results will show a tightenin... Read More »

How to Choose an Exfoliating Cream ?

Exfoliating creams can be used to help slough away dead skin and smooth skin that has been roughened by wind, sun or daily exposure. Generally, exfoliating creams are grainy and should be rubbed by... Read More »

How to Make a Natural Exfoliating Foot Cream?

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a professional pedicure to pamper your poor, tired feet. With a few common household items, you can mix together your own concoction that will put the pe... Read More »

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