Does Verizon use GSM phones?

Answer For the most part Verizon Wireless offers CDMA technology wireless phones. However, Verizon does feature a limited number of GSM wireless phones, such as the BlackBerry 8830. Generally, if Verizon... Read More »

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Does Skype work on Verizon phones?

On the Skype website, you can find all the necessary instructions. You basically have to input your mobile number to get a link to install the Skype application. (See details in the Related link.)

Does Verizon sell Rapture Insurance on their phones?

Probably not, but they DO guarantee that Vcast Music will be working during the Rapture, so you can listen to that one REM song while the world's going bat**** insane, if ya want..

Does anyone know if landline service w/ Verizon has a contract like wireless phones do?

Typically, no. You pay for your service package a month in advance, and pay your per-minute charges after you incurred them.The whole service contract business is due to the fact that wireless comp... Read More »

How to Text Verizon Phones?

Texting has a become a way of communicating by sending a text message from your cell phone to another cell phone.Texting a person who has a Verizon cell phone can be done from any cell phone, regar... Read More »