Does Verizon offer cable TV?

Answer Yes, Verizon does offer cable television service. Verizon offers the FiOS service, which uses fiber optic cables to provide television, telephone and high-speed Internet access. You will need to ch... Read More »

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I broke my Verizon cable box will Verizon replace it?

If you caused physical damage to the box, where it is obvious you broke it... sure, they will replace it, but depending on the box it can cost you $400 or more for a HD-DVR.If there is no physical ... Read More »

Does resort cable TV offer espn-gp?

Entertainment Sports Programming Network.

Does dish network offer cable net?

Verizon Fios vs. Cox cable?

No one can guarantee prices will stay the same forever. Verizon's triple play prices range from $99-$109/mo from what I know. This includes phone/internet/TV. You get the ExtremeHD TV package with ... Read More »