Does Using the Wrong Oil in a Car Hurt It?

Answer Motor oil is the lifeblood of a car's engine, protecting the engine's interior from wear and friction. Viscosity refers to the oil's thickness and weight. Using the wrong viscosity compromises the ... Read More »

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I hurt my arm and idk what's wrong with it?

Ur muscles in ur arm have become sore from absorbing the impact of all of that. There are a few things u could do just take a pain reliever or u can use icy hot and another option is use a hot pad ... Read More »

Help! My brother got hurt and I don't know what is wrong or what to do!?

better to be on safe side and call 911 -- moving him yourself could cause more damage

If it doesn't hurt after (like day after) am I doing something wrong?

No, the pain is caused by muscle break-down which is the precursor to building more muscle. Intense exercise can result in a build-up of acid within the tissue which breaks down torn muscle fibers ... Read More »

What is wrong if your buttocks hurt a lot and you can barely walk?

With my past experience I have found out that at 14 years old that I had what is called Degenerative Disc Disease in which the disc in between your vertebrae may become compressed as the disc loses... Read More »