Does UPS pick up packages?

Answer UPS picks up packages for shipping as long as you have a UPS account with a valid account number, shipping labels for each package and return package labels. You can schedule a pickup via UPS' onli... Read More »

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Does UPS X-ray packages?

UPS does not routinely X-ray packages before acceptance or delivery. However, according to UPS' terms and conditions, the company reserves the right to open or X-ray any package at any time during ... Read More »

How late does UPS deliver packages to homes?

UPS generally delivers to residential addresses as late as 7 p.m. in the United States, Canada and Europe. Its deliveries take place as early as 9 a.m. from Monday through Friday.Source:UPS: FAQ

How late does fedex deliver packages?

FedEx delivery hours begin at 9 in the morning and end at 8 in the evening. They deliver packages from Monday through Saturday and are closed on Sundays and for all federal holidays.Source:FedEx: FAQs

Does UPS leave packages at your doorstep?

not unless a signature is required and in the case of something as expensive as a computer then they might need a signature.