Does Turbo Tax have permission to use 1096 without red ink?

Answer Publication 1179 outlines all of the stipulations for printing a substitute form 1096. TurboTax does not provide a printed form but allows you to electronically file form 1096 at the time the asso... Read More »

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My pictures have been put on google without my permission!?

They haven't been 'put' on google. Google is a search engine - it searched - and found. I have some pictures on Facebook and Myspace. When I go to google images and put my real name in - guess who'... Read More »

Can a joint custody parent give the school permission to send and receive email about a child to his girlfriend without the other parents permission?

Answer I would certainly question the violation of privacy rights by any school that used email correspondence. A "girlfriend" who is not the biological parent. Has no legal or ethical right to inf... Read More »

Can you have a blow off valve without a turbo?

A blow-off valve is only used as part of a turbocharging system to prevent over-boosting from a turbocharger, which can damage both the engine and the turbo. The valve is opened when the throttle p... Read More »

Can a mother have a baby adopted by grandparents without father's permission?

I was. Thank god, my bio-father is an abuser but my bio-mom (now my sister) didn't tell him when she let my grandparents adopt me. I don't think it's legal unless his name isn't on the birth certif... Read More »