Does Trimming Hair Help it Grow?

Answer The idea that trimming hair will make it grow faster is a fairly common belief. But this widespread misperception has no basis in physiology, because hair of a given type grows at the same rate, re... Read More »

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Does trimming hair help it grow faster?

On One Hand: Trimming Makes Hair Look HealthierTrimming the hair will get rid of split ends and gives the hair a healthier appearance as it is growing. Hair products that give the hair more volume,... Read More »

Does Trimming Hair Make it Grow Back Thicker?

There are many myths about growing longer and thicker hair. One of the biggest is that trimming the hair makes it grow back thicker. This is false. The hair's growth rate and texture are due to oth... Read More »

If hair grows from your scalp then why do people say trimming your dead/split ends with help its grow ?

Your hair won't want to grow with all that dead weight. And it's just better for your hair to trim split ends. Split ends should ideally be trimmed once a month or so, but that's not gonna happen, ... Read More »

Does trimming your eyelashes make them grow longer?

NO, NO, NO. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to grow eyelashes without medication so don't try it.