Does Travertine make good kitchen countertops?

Answer If upkeep and regular maintenance is not an issue, Travertine is widely regarded as an option for kitchen counter tops. Once sealed, travertine looks nice and is sturdy enough for kitchen usage. Ho... Read More »

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Is marble good for kitchen countertops?

On One Hand: Beauty While You BakePrized by Michelangelo for its luster and the Greeks for its durability, marble adds richness and luxury to your home. A marble countertop lasts a lifetime with pr... Read More »

What is a good color to paint a kitchen to go with these countertops?

I would paint it white, and add some mirrors

I just bought Travertine from Home Depot and it has a slight shine to it Does Travertine ever come already sealed?

Home Depot does sometimes sell presealed Travertine but the box would usually state that. If it's not labeled as presealed and you think it is you can test it by sprinkling the stone with water if ... Read More »

Kitchen Travertine Tile Backsplash Ideas?

Travertine tile has a warm appearance suitable for many areas of the home. Since travertine in its natural state has a rustic and worn look, it can be used to enhance natural, rustic and informal d... Read More »