Does Transfer Factor give you energy?

Answer On One Hand: Transfer Factor Isn't a StimulantSupplements or products that give people energy can usually be qualified as stimulants, such as 5-Hour Energy drinks. Transfer Factor is a product whic... Read More »

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What is transfer factor?

Transfer factors are molecules that transfer immune knowledge from one immune system to another, according to These molecules can be ingested in capsule form. They do not add nu... Read More »

Does Transfer Factor really work?

On One Hand: Users Claim It HelpsNumerous anectdotes from users, such as those at, claim that Transfer Factor helped them get over sickness more quickly and that it even helpe... Read More »

Which is better Laminine or Transfer factor?

Neither. See a rheumatologist and be treated with a Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drug or a Biologic Agent. This is the only way to prevent joint damage.Rheumatoid Arthritis is a serious autoimm... Read More »

The Transfer Factor for Horses?

Transfer factor, the main ingredient in nutritional supplements used to boost the immune system, is currently being used with documented success on dogs, cats, cows and horses. Manufacturers of sup... Read More »