Does Torchwood exist?

Answer NO but i like the programmes p.s it's like Sarah Jane adventures and doctor who

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There are 3 Torchwood insututes There is Torchwood 1 in 10 Canada Square and Torchwood 3 in Cardiff but where is Torchwood 2?

There are actually four Torchwood Institutes.Torchwood 1 = One Canada Square, LondonTorchwood 2 = Glasgow, Scotland. Run by a "very strange man", in the spin-off novel The Twightlight Streets, the ... Read More »

In the pilot episode of Torchwood what name does Owen Harper daringly use to order the Torchwood team's pizza under?

Which episode of Torchwood does Rhys find out about Gwen working for torchwood?

Why on torchwood does it do a sound everytime someone says torchwood?

Because they want you to remember what show you're watching. Or because they think it's funny that the name of the show is mentioned so often within the show. Or maybe they just have way too many s... Read More »