Does Tennessee have a lemon law?

Answer Yes. The law covers new vehicles purchased after January 1, 1987, with substantial manufacturing defects that cannot be repaired after three attempts or that keep the vehicle out of service for 30 ... Read More »

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Does the Tennessee lemon law apply to used cars?

The Tennessee lemon law does not apply to used vehicles. Tennessee residents believing they bought a lemon may find relief with the Federal Trade Commission's Used Car Rule or the Unfair and Decept... Read More »

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Does the UK have a lemon law?

The United Kingdom does not have a lemon law similar to that of the United States. However, there are consumer protections regulations enforced in the UK. These regulations ensure that people act h... Read More »

Does the UK have a law similar to the Lemon Law?

Lemon laws are state laws in the United States that protect the interests of consumers who purchase defective automobiles. Although the U.K. does not have lemon laws, guidelines set by the Motor In... Read More »