Does TV in England have commercials?

Answer In the UK you need to pay a tv licence fee. In return there are a number of government funded stations making quality shows. They do not have Commercial ads but do have advertisements for up and co... Read More »

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Don't you think they should have Got Fruit commercials instead of Got Milk commercials?

Arn't the Florida Orange Juice commercials bad enough :-) I get your point though.

Does ESPN pay to have pro athletes in their Sportscenter commercials?

According to a couple of specials they have done on the commercials the commercials are just made whenever people are around for other things. So I would assume no.

Does England have ESPN?

Does England have ROTC programs?

There is no direct British equivalent to the United States' ROTC Program. Most British universities do, however, have Officer Training Corps (OTC): members of OTC are, technically, Reservist membe... Read More »