Does TV have alot of education?

Answer I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. – Groucho MarxSeriously? Very little. Most of the channels that are supposed to... Read More »

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I have to get a Hepatitis B shot tomorrow!!Does it hurt alot?

i am seriously needle phobic! I do not do well with any kind of shot and I just got my Hep A the recent shots hurt sooooo little because they have scaled the needles down so much... its really real... Read More »

Does Your City Have Alot Of Iron Bars On Businesses Doors?

Just some here in Reno. More out in sparks. Tons back in L.A where I escaped from.As more people come here the drug problem increases.

How can i get on facebook when im at schooli have tried alot of different ways but it just does not work?

Maybe you should concentrate on school when you're at school? That's original, huh? Then maybe a lot of people whould know how to count out change at McDonald's w/out the cash register telling exac... Read More »

What kind of education does a secret service agent have to have?

To be a Secret Agent you have to know the basic works of club penguin. Such as know the island well to how puffles interact and know secrets about the island to. Im a member on club penguin to.