Does Sunlight Affect Plant Height?

Answer Many factors contribute to plant height. The plant's genetic make-up is one of the largest contributors. A plant bred for small stature, like a dwarf Japanese maple, will only reach its predetermin... Read More »

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Does the Amount of Sunlight Affect How Tomatoes Grow?

The tomato, native in Central and South America, comes from the nightshade plant family. Once considered poisonous, the United States now produces more tomatoes than most other countries worldwide.... Read More »

Does the amount of sunlight affect the growth of sunflower seeds?

Yes, the amount of sunlight a young sunflower plant receives will affect its growth. For best results, plant sunflower seeds in areas that receive full sunlight, or at least six to eight hours per ... Read More »

Does a plant light mimic sunlight?

Yes, plant lights are designed to mimic sunlight, which is necessary for photosynthesis to occur. Plant lights can help tropical flowers thrive in winter or allow you to grow vegetables all year.So... Read More »

Does a plant need sunlight to grow?

Plants are autotrophs, meaning they make their own food. Specifically, plants manufacture food through photosynthesis, which uses water, carbon dioxide and light to synthesize sugar. Artificial lig... Read More »