Does Stress Cause Wrinkles?

Answer Stress does different things to different people. It can affect the physical body and have an impact on a person's mental state as well. Stress takes its toll in some unpleasant ways. Wrinkles may ... Read More »

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Does makeup cause wrinkles?

Although makeup itself does not cause wrinkles, when women wash their faces with tap water before applying makeup, the heavy metals in the water may contribute to causing wrinkles. When makeup is n... Read More »

Does Sugar Cause Wrinkles?

Eating foods high in sugar can contribute to aging, and many doctors and nutritionists recommend reducing or eliminating sugar from the diet in order to improve skin quality. Does t... Read More »

Does smiling cause wrinkles?

On One Hand: Response to Facial Expressions and AgingAs skin ages, key components such as collagen, begin decreasing. Loss of collagen affects our skin's resiliency and elasticity. Not only does ma... Read More »

How Does Smoking Cause Wrinkles?

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