Does St Norbert College have an ROTC program?

Answer Yes, it has around a platoon size.

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If you are a cadet in an rotc program and join a military branch different than the one you were in rotc. does that affect what rank you start as after finishing college?

no you will always (out of rotc) start in any branch as a 2nd lieutenant

In college the Army ROTC program is?

ROTC is not in itself a minor. However, you can minor in whatever the main field of your ROTC branch is. For example: if you complete the full curriculum for Army ROTC, you can be eligible for a... Read More »

What is the Army ROTC program in college?

A Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program is a college-based, officer commissioning program, predominantly in the United States. It is designed as a college elective that focuses on leaders... Read More »

Do you have to meet the weight requirements when going through the ROTC college program?