Does Sprint use CDMA?

Answer The two primary cellular technologies currently in use are GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). Every cell carrier uses one of these two technolo... Read More »

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Does Sprint use CDMA or GSM?

According to CNET Reviews, Sprint uses CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), a more popular digital technology in the United States. GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) is more popular in ... Read More »

Will iPhone cdma can be use to sprint?

As of right now ONLY AT&T carries the iPhone, they are on Edge coverage. BUT as you have probably heard, Verizon will be releasing the iPhone4 this February 2011. They are on a cdma network, as wel... Read More »

I just rooted an at&t galaxy s3. I have sprint. If i walk into sprint will they change my service to my galaxy?

Yes they will have a problem. They will tell you that they cannot activate your S3 to their network. Why is that? Sprint uses CDMA cellular network. AT&T uses GSM cellular network. The two are... Read More »

If I switch my sprint number to another sprint phone how much will it cost me to transfer my number to another?

Just take your sim card out of the old phone and put it in the new