Does Splenda cause dementia?

Answer The sweetener Splenda has been linked with dementia. When Splenda is manufactured, it releases a toxin known as cyclohexane, which causes health problems such as dementia, memory loss, headaches an... Read More »

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Does soy& MSG cause dementia?

According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, the Honolulu-Asia Aging Study showed that foods that contained a high content of soy (such as tofu) led to a higher instance of cognitive deterioration.... Read More »

Does Splenda (sucralose---sweetners in the yellow packet) cause cancer?

What now days does not cause cancer or something? Everything even brathing the air now causes cancer... You cannot live your life in constant fear. Sometimes you have to weight the good VS bad an... Read More »

Can malnutrition be a cause of dementia?

On One Hand: Malnutrition Can Cause Dementia SymptomsDementia is a group of symptoms that impairs social and cognitive function; it is not a specific disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. Although... Read More »

Can dementia cause violence?

sadly the confusion and frustration can cause dementia patients to lash out