Does SourceFed support the Democratic or the Republican Party?

Answer I don't remember anything coming out that they supported one side or the other.With that in mind though, how pray tell is this a Computers & Internet help question?

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Who created the Democratic symbol and the Republican symbol?

"Harper's Weekly" cartoonist Thomas Nast popularized use of the donkey and the elephant as symbols for the Democratic and Republican parties in the 1870s. The donkey had been used prior to Nast's d... Read More »

Is David Letterman a member of the Democratic Party?

I don't.Why should private citizens pay bailout? Are you suggesting this just because they are wealthy?The bailout isn't charity; the government is purchasing assets. If Trump and Winfrey were to f... Read More »

What hairstyle does Elliott Morgan from Sourcefed (youtube) have?

It's quite faded at the sides and at the top he has a bit of a mohawk styled hair? Haha, just trying to help.

What political party do the BBC support?

The BBC is a very neutral organisation who are trusted to give a well rounded picture on the news and current affairs, however I often feel that they can be fairly Conservative.Hope that helped :)