Does Sony make a 42-inch flat screen TV?

Answer As of 2010, Sony has no 42-inch televisions in production. However, Sony produces 40-inch and 46-inch televisions, which are similar. Sony has produced 42-inch televisions in the past, and consumer... Read More »

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Weight of a flat-screen 32 inch sony tv?

A new low-end model with CFL backlight will be about 25 pounds. An LED model will be about 20.

How much does a 74 inch flat screen tv cost?

How many watts does a 19 inch flat screen LCD use samsung?

It is impossible to answer this question without more information so the following are estimates: The latest 19 inch screens consume in the region of 100 watts during normal operation. Older model... Read More »

How big is a 19-inch flat-screen monitor?

A 19-inch flat-screen monitor measures 19 inches from one corner of the screen to the diagonally opposite corner. The dimensions of the unit will generally measure about 17.5 inches by 12 inches fo... Read More »