Does Sony design its own products?

Answer yes

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Why does Sony manufacture its products in Japan?

Sony is a Japanese based manufacturing company of tech products. A little more than half of its output is in Japan, athough it does have sites in China and the U.S., among other countries.

Does the Precision design deluxe camera tripod fot Nikon fit Sony DLR also?

The Nikon FG.It has manual,aperture priority,and auto exposure.

Why Sony products are always expensive?

have u never heard the saying.Buy cheap buy twice.Sony are more expensive because the products are brilliant.I always buy Sony stuff.Had my LCD for nearly 4 years and it's as good today as the day ... Read More »

What products do Sony make?

why dont you visit the sony site tv's cd players,ps2,games,mp3 players,speakers,dvd players,