Does Sony design its own products?

Answer yes

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What products do Sony make?

why dont you visit the sony site tv's cd players,ps2,games,mp3 players,speakers,dvd players,

Why Sony products are always expensive?

have u never heard the saying.Buy cheap buy twice.Sony are more expensive because the products are brilliant.I always buy Sony stuff.Had my LCD for nearly 4 years and it's as good today as the day ... Read More »

Why all products of "sony" are very costly?

Son, it is the consequence of the hype of branding taught at the so called eminent business schools.Would you buy a similar cheaper product from "soni" ?

Why does Sony manufacture its products in Japan?

Sony is a Japanese based manufacturing company of tech products. A little more than half of its output is in Japan, athough it does have sites in China and the U.S., among other countries.