Does Sony Bluray players have blutooth bilt in them?

Answer That it can connect to the Internet wirelessly, like a laptop

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Why doesn't sony advertise they have a web browser on there smart bluray players?

might have been a update .? and mabye the commercial dosent have time to allow the showing of it . im guessing , google it

Can I play 3D movies(say dey are available in bluray) in LED(non 3D) tv usind "3D" bluray players?

To play a 3D bluray, you will need to have a 3D bluray player as well as a 3D TV. If you try to play the 3D bluray on a non-3D TV, an error message should appear on the screen.

Do bluray DVD players play HD DVD's?

Do bluray dvd's work in regular DVD players?

Blu Ray is a better quality type of disc to watch movies on. However, Blu Ray is not compatible with ordinary DVD players.