Does Sony Bluray players have blutooth bilt in them?

Answer That it can connect to the Internet wirelessly, like a laptop

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Why doesn't sony advertise they have a web browser on there smart bluray players?

might have been a update .? and mabye the commercial dosent have time to allow the showing of it . im guessing , google it

Can I play 3D movies(say dey are available in bluray) in LED(non 3D) tv usind "3D" bluray players?

To play a 3D bluray, you will need to have a 3D bluray player as well as a 3D TV. If you try to play the 3D bluray on a non-3D TV, an error message should appear on the screen.

Does the htc wildfire s have blutooth?

Every phone has blue tooth these days. What you need to find out is what functionality the bluetooth on that phone has. For example, with iphone, the bluetooth can be used to connect a headset but ... Read More »

Do bluray DVD players play HD DVD's?