Does Smooth Away Hair Remover Really Work?

Answer On One Hand: Smooth Away Can Remove HairSmooth Away is a hand-held pad covered with fine crystals designed to remove hair when rubbed on the skin. Smooth Away claims that the hair removal pads remo... Read More »

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Does smooth away hair removal work it seems cool but i am scared it wont work.?

well i just ordered it, and i used it under my arm, and it didn't remove the hair, it just gave me a huge irritation under my arm that hurts like who knows what. I waited 8 weeks for this ****, and... Read More »

Does Nono hair remover work?

On One Hand: No No is Backed by Leading Beauty MagazinesThe June 2008 issue of "Allure" and May 2008 issue of "A Magazine" both give the No!No! hair remover rave reviews. It's cited as a safe alter... Read More »

Does Smooth Away hair removal work?

It does work. And leaves your skin very smooth. I have thick fast growing hair on my legs and arms and I also have sensitive skin. Not only does it remove hair but when it grows back its much fine... Read More »

Reasons Why Hair Laser Remover Doesn't Work?

Laser hair removal is marketed as a miracle treatment to remove unwanted body hair. In actuality, it is not free of problems. It is not always effective and is not suitable to everyone. There are... Read More »