Does Smoking Affect Taste Sensitivity?

Answer On One Hand: Smokers Taste LessSmoking affects the body in many ways. One way may be how the body perceives taste. Studies conducted in Greece have shown that there is a difference in taste thresho... Read More »

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Things That Affect Your Sensitivity to Taste?

Your mouth contains taste buds that help you identify bitter, salty, sour and sweet foods. When you are born you have approximately 10,000 taste buds that slowly die as you age, leaving you with pe... Read More »

When does sinus sensitivity end after quitting smoking?

On One Hand: Improving Sinus SensitivityAccording to the Princeton University Health Services "Drugs and Smoking" fact sheet, two days after not smoking your nerve endings adjust to the absence of ... Read More »

Does smoking one cigarette a day affect you as much as smoking like 2 packs a day?

Does smoking affect BMI?

No, but that doesn't mean smoking does not harm the body.