Does Skoal dip pouches have wintergreen as one of their flavors?

Answer Yes. Never tried it though...

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How much is skoal wintergreen pouches in Washington?

Marlboro reds or Skoal Wintergreen?

TRUSTWORTHYall reviewsSkoal Pouches may not prove to be a healthy alternative to long cut chewing tobacco or smoking, but it does not have many of the negatives of both. When using tobacco pouches,... Read More »

How many pouches are in a skoal can?

A can of Skoal chewing tobacco contains 20 individual pouches of tobacco. Similar to cigarette cartons, cans of Skoal tobacco can be purchased in five-can sleeves less expensively than buying the c... Read More »

How long do kangaroos keep joeys in their pouches?

Baby kangaroos nurse inside their mother's pouch for several months while they develop fur, muscle and the ability to begin surviving on their own. Different species of kangaroos develop sooner tha... Read More »