Does Saturn have rings or moons If so, how many?

Answer Yes, the planet Saturn has both rings and moons. Saturn has 25 moons/satellites larger than six miles in diameter, as well as many smaller satellites, according to NASA. Saturn has seven rings, whi... Read More »

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What planet has 10 rings&15 moons?

Many people think Saturn is the only planet with rings. According to Voyager 2 data, Uranus has 11 rings and 15 moons. According to historical records, William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781 wi... Read More »

How many moons does Saturn, Uranus& Neptune have?

Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have a total of 87 moons. Saturn leads the trio with 47 moons, while Uranus has 27 and Neptune has 13. The planet with the most moons is Jupiter, which has 63.References:... Read More »

What character from the tv show friends shares its name with one of Saturn's moons?

the only one i can see has a similarity to one of the names is febe

Do Saturn's rings rotate with Saturn?

Saturn's rings do rotate with Saturn. Any given particle in the rings, however, may be rotating faster or slower than another, or even in the opposite direction. Each particle has its own individua... Read More »