Does marijuana lower your sperm count?

Answer well it does lower sperm count but not to the degree where u cant have kids one day i have a 2 year old im 20 and iv smoked since i was in 6th grade

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Do young male teens have a high or low sperm count in their pre-ejaculate fluid?

It doesnt really matter i believe that boys all have the same sperm count sweety if your in school talk to your health teacher, or call a doctor for information and ask her but DONT google it becau... Read More »

Does smoking marijuana seeds lower sperm count?

Does type 1 diabetes affect your sperm count?

Yes it does. Although no conclusive study has determined diabetes control levels (good blood sugar control or bad control) effects on sperm count. Logically if your control was near perfect you wou... Read More »

Does smoking marijuana lower a male's sperm count?