Does Samsung offer any deals on 3D contents for people who buy its 3D TV?

Answer All manufacturers are offering incentives for buying 3D and smart televisions. The offers change fast so when you are ready to buy, do some research on the net and in store to find the best offers ... Read More »

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What stores offer repairs for a samsung plasma tv?

If you want to get your television repaired you should look to see if your warranty is valid and if it is you need only to follow the instruction on the warranty

What deals gems and deals?

KPM 39 - ATMOSPHERIC JOURNEYS 2 45 Private Investigator (a) - 1.50 Sleazy jazz theme featuring trumpet. Composed by: Graham de Wilde Contact Info:KPM Music Ltd 127 Charing Cross Road London WC... Read More »

Does any1 know the reset pin for a ntl samsung digital box. under the samsung logo it has another number?

Contact either ntl, samsung or virgin media customer services, also ,do a soft reset by pressing ok+left+right at the same time as someone plugs it in for could try leaving it unplugged ... Read More »

What's your favourite movie that deals with how people cope with a tragedy/ major event?

Did you think of this question 'cause you watched Rabbit Hole? :POne that immediately came to mind when I read this, though was 'Crash'. It's not the conventional story about how people deal with l... Read More »