Does Samsung Netbook NP-N100 have a built in mic.?

Answer If it is a netbook, probably not. Many models have only built-in cameras and no mics, but yours might just be broken. It could also be that the camera has rejected the mic because of hardware pro... Read More »

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What is the width of a netbook nc10 screen ( samsung)?

Dimensions, 26.1 × 18.5 × 3.0 cm. Weight, 1.33 kg (2.8 lb) (including battery). The Samsung NC10 is a subnotebook / Netbook computer designed by Samsung. At the ... The screen is a non-glossy dis... Read More »

How to Change the Wallpaper on a Samsung Netbook N150 Plus?

The Samsung N150 Plus is a version of the popular N510 series made exclusively for Best Buy. The 10.1-inch laptop runs the Windows 7 starter edition operating system. This operating system makes it... Read More »

Does sony stremer smp-n100 work on ipad 2?

Does the HP Netbook 210-1010NR Already Have a WiFi Card Connection?

The Hewlett Packard 210-1010NR is a "mini" laptop called a netbook. All netbooks come with wireless capabilities because they are mainly used for very simple tasks, such as Web surfing and composin... Read More »