Does SOYO still make computers?

Answer Looks like you can use a daewoo/Hitachi

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What are the differces between soyo soyo and melindi?

Does minute maid still make an orange soda and does pepsi still make orange slice?

im pretty sure both of those are discontinued! :( the best left is sunkist...IMO

Does anyone have the Code for soyo tv for universal remote for Atlantic broadband?

I recently bought a SOYO TV and have the same problem. I called SOYO tech support and they apparently they also can sell a univeral remote with soyo tv codes already loaded. Because SOYO is a newco... Read More »

Why does file fragmentation not occur on Apple Macintosh computers like with Windows computers?

Disk optimization is a process in which the physical locations of files on a volume are "streamlined." Files and metadata are re-arranged in order to improve data access times and minimize time mov... Read More »